Our Services

Our Services

  • A target market - which is the specific audience you want to reach with your advertising dollars, so that you are only spending for clicks from people who want to buy from you, as you don't want to spend money on wasted clicks from people who are not interested in what you have to offer.
  • A product or service that you want to bring to the market, that will benefit your target audience.
  • Funnels to attract your customers to enter their email address for more information on what you have to offer.. (don't worry - we’ve got this covered for you)
  • Social Media marketing plan that will target your customers on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, and paid advertising through Facebook Ads. .

Here’s a glimpse into more services we provide:

Web Presence Building

Every business needs a website (hub). Period. It is your home on the internet, where you direct those interested in your products and/or services. It’s where you capture visitor’s data to create a customer database. But here’s the thing – you don’t want just another website. You want a killer web presence. I can help focus in on your content, design, strategy, etc. without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars building a website. It can be done very effectively in a more cost effective and professional way, which we will discuss in your free personal consultation.

We want to convert your visitors into customers. Your website or hub, should easily direct your visitors to your services, to become loyal customers. No-one knows YOUR business like you do! Now lets show the world what you can do for them!

Social Media Building

Starting out fresh? – Or want to expand your social media exposure? We got you covered!

Social Media, especially the Facebook Ads platform, can be extremely precise and effective in targeting any combination of customer demographics that you desire. By leveraging your target audience, you can create and promote ads that will increase your conversions. Ultimately, those conversions will increase your bottom line and when you get the right ads in front of the right group of people (your target audience), your sales will start rolling in.

We will work with “you” to build your social media strategy and decide what platforms are best for you to focus on first. We’ll discuss ROI. We’ll discuss how to optimize your results. We’ll discuss how much content (and what content) should be put on social media. We’ll also discuss how to get those awesome conversions I keep talking about from the content you post.

Honesty is our capital

Reviews and Clients

Florence Adenikinju

Sandra, Thank you so much, you are so wonderful, look the world would have been so great if we have more people in this world that can pull others up to attain success the way you are doing. I can not thank you enough, I now have more confidence working with you as my coach.

DeJarvis Floyd

The Bliss Media Team is a Joy to work with. I hired them to manage and run on our Instagram account. I was blown away by their great design work, customer service, and results. We have partnered to bring you one of the best marketing companies on the Planet. I highly recommend Bliss Media to anyone looking to grow their business.

Jen Wallace

I can't thank you enough for the confidence boost you have given me. Meeting up with you and shadowing along side you has given me a renewed passion to succeed.

Alison Grey

Sandra Watts and her team at Blissmediasolutions have made my work life SO much easier! I found that social media was taking way more of my time than it should have and I needed to be focusing my energies on creating new content and serving my existing customers. Sandra has taken the burden of social media away from me. My social media traffic has increased and my work load has decreased. It is so liberating!!